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Seeds of the Gods

In End of Innocence, I wrote that there must have been a day, sometime in our remote past, when we humans became aware of ourselves and our surroundings, in a cognitive sense, much like a human child today becomes aware of itself around the age of 18-20 months.

Akhenaten Presenting a Duck to Sun-deity Aten c. 1345-1335 B.C.

And that this awareness could not have dawned upon us in a flash, but rather would have been the result of a long and painstaking effort of observing all the phenomena of nature around us and trying to make sense out of it, until one day, we would have asked ourself questions like, who am I? why am I here, and where exactly is ‘here’?

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End of innocence

Eden1Imagine opening your eyes and finding yourself in an utterly completely unknown place, with no memories  and no prior knowledge of anything at all. Not even yourself.

There is no familiar shape that you could recognize; neither a sound that could mean anything to you, and if you were to touch something you’d have absolutely no idea how to describe it: cold, warm, rough, smooth? Actually, you couldn’t describe what you see, hear, touch, taste or smell because you know no words to describe them with, none what-so-ever. And since you know no words, there are also no thoughts, no concepts or ideas in your mind because thoughts and concepts require language (ever tried thinking of something without words?).  Your mind is a complete absolute blank!

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